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What is eDition® Digital?

eDition® Digital is the award winning multiplatform publishing platform that provides content creators with fast and efficient creation of publications across all platforms - tablets, mobile devices, and on the internet.

Publishers are discovering new ways to deliver their content in products that are easily branded, customized and personalized. Readers are enjoying the rich, interactive and highly engaging digital content complete with links, video and animation, wherever and whenever they choose.

The eDition® Digital Publishing and Marketing Suites and customized programs are solutions that provide publishers with the tools to create highly engaging content experiences, provide email marketing, digital reporting and analytics, social marketing, E-commerce management, advanced SEO tools and branded apps.

This is a decisive and competitive advantage in the publishing world driven by an inexorable fight for every reader, as audiences increasingly demand entertainment and emotional engagement. And, digital publications have unlimited editions, are easily found and referred back to in the content archive and are environmentally friendly.


Why digital publications?

Digital publications are excellent marketing tools that eliminate printing and distribution costs, increase readership, boost online sales and greatly enhance the reader experience. With enhanced analytics data, publishers can track reader behavior, allowing improvement in editorial strategies and strengthening ties with consumers. .

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